Economic relations

In the nineties, the German Honorary Consul Martin Andersch founded the Franco-German business network RAFAL (Réseau d’affaires franco-allemand du Languedoc-Roussillon) in Montpellier, which advises companies that come into contact with Germany there and assists them in setting up business and economic relations. It is part of the Franco-German network of business clubs. A French civilian service provider was also sent from Montpellier to Heidelberg at the end of the 1990s to develop cooperative ventures with the technology park there.

With the mayor Michaël Delafosse elected in Montpellier in 2020, economic relations with Germany will take on a new significance. In cooperation with the city of Heidelberg under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner, several projects are being initiated, most notably the exchange of start-ups. For this purpose, a working commission between the economic offices of both cities was established in the fall of 2021. The first contacts with the respective twin city have been taking place since 2021.

It is also worth mentioning, after a first edition in 2006, the wine fair to be held since autumn 2021. with over a dozen winemakers from the Montpellier metropolitan region presenting a good 60 products to the German public. Around 500 visitors come to this event.

Since spring 2022, a two-week internship for trainees from Montpellier has also been taking place at regular intervals in Heidelberg, which shows the French the value of this vocational training in Germany.

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