Literature on a summer evening Maryse Condé: Mets et merveilles Delicious + Precious.

Culinary journeys – reading by anne Steiner-Graczol (German) and Karla Jauregui (French)

In the garden of the Montpellier House, Kettengasse 19, 69117 Heidelberg, admission € 5, reduced € 3

“Only fools are interested in cooking,” Maryse is told as a child by her mother, who can’t understand why the intelligent girl is so keen to help the family cook. And even the bestselling author’s friends are sometimes shocked that an intellectual woman is just as passionate about cooking as she is about literature.

Maryse Condé continues her series of autobiographical books with her enthusiasm for cooking as the common thread. Culinary discoveries on her travels are always a starting point for reflections on political, social and cultural problems and provide an opportunity for debate.
with their own views, hopes and disappointments.

Maryse Condé is one of the most important authors in the French-speaking world. She completed her doctorate at the Sorbonne and taught at Columbia University in New York. Her numerous awards include the alternative Nobel Prize for Literature for her complete works in 2018.


03 Apr 2024


8:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr
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