Gin - La Grappe de Montpellier

Ingredients: Distillates of juniper berries and Mediterranean plants.

Description: Gin with Mediterranean flavors

Our vineyards, which are several hundred years old, produce a high-quality marc that is characterized by the identity of its grape varieties and its soils.

Distilled five times, the pomace produces an alcohol of great purity; free from unsuitable compounds. Re-distilled with juniper berries and a bouquet of Mediterranean plants, this ultra-premium alcohol has been transformed into a gin with subtle and elegant aromas.

It is a walk through the garrigue, where the scents of juniper, grapes, lemon peel, bitter almond, coriander and lavender mingle. The refined gin GM can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

Tasting: A crystal-clear ultra-premium product made from ultra-fine alcohol that does not burn. This gin, which does not melt in the mouth, subtly and elegantly reveals the entire spectrum of the world of Mediterranean fragrances. A walk through the garrigue.

Pastis aux Plantes - Ets. B. Marty

Ingredients : Anise. Star anise and licorice plant

Description : The Anish production for the royal house was founded in 1263. Aniseed was initially used for medicinal purposes and then for soft drinks and refreshments. Aniseed is therefore deeply rooted in Mediterranean culture.

La Mentheuse

A delicacy to sip

An almost translucent robe with frosted reflections. A delicious scent of spearmint. Close your eyes … A delicious start with sugar, then a fresh feeling with a balanced alcohol content and a slightly peppery finish? That’s definitely a mentheuse you’re sipping.

A mint to enjoy!

Madeleine de Proust, with her minty and sweet side The Mentheuse takes us back to our childhood and reminds us of the taste of our grandmothers’ delicious mint sweets, canards (sugarcubes) dipped in Ricqlès… A bit retro, just the way we like it!

A mint cream that is light on sugar and alcohol.

La Mentheuse reworks the classic recipe from the past in her own way. Almost transparent, as the colorants have not been invited to this new formula, La Mentheuse offers you a great aromatic power of peppermint and a sensation of sweet freshness with only 15 degrees of alcohol and the minimum of sugar.

A retro bottle that enlivens the end of a meal.

The result is a liqueur that is loved by all generations. A rediscovered conviviality at the end of a meal, in old-school mode or more festive in the cocktail version. The Mentheuse refreshes the spirits, invites you to share and unites friends after a beautiful agape. In its pretty retro bottle with matching pearls, you will quickly discover it on large tables and generous counters.

La pulpeuse-crème de citron

A tart delicacy to sip on

A transparent gown with milky reflections. A strong scent of lemon and a hint of yuzu. Close your eyes… a very tasty lemon attack on sugar, then a pretty, alcoholically balanced acidity with a slightly tangerine-like finish? That’s definitely a pulpeuse you’re sipping.

A fresh lemon to bite into!

Its lemon-based recipe with a hint of yuzu gives it an incomparable crispness. The pulpeuse offers a sunny delicacy that balances wonderfully with a tart freshness and finishes with the subtle tangerine sweetness of the yuzu. An invigorating bouquet of citrus fruits and freshness!

A light, alcoholic French-style lemon cream

Like its big sister La Mentheuse, La Pulpeuse is light in alcohol content with its 15 small degrees and therefore does not belong to the Italian family of higher-alcohol limoncellos. It is made without colorants from lemon and yuzu distillates and has a clear, slightly cloudy (natural!) colour in its pretty Belle Epoque bottle. You will appreciate its small, very French character and its subtle balance between sugar and acidity.

A heart-warming coffee press

The comforting La Pulpeuse warms the heart at the end of a meal and is shared with your loved ones like a well-kept family secret. With a nod to childhood, its Belle Époque bottle, which sparkles like ice, will attract all generations of your dinner party who are of an age to sip a digestif. This is the perfect recipe for ending the evening in good company. The little French chic at the end of a relaxed meal with your friends.

La croqueuse-crème de pomme

Fruity lightness with a peppery note.

His recipe with an apple with a hint of pepper gives it the freshness of a Granny Smith paired with the sweetness of a caramelized apple. A small ice-cold sweet to share after a good meal. But also a delicious and creative touch for summer cocktails.

The freshness of a Granny Smith

The apple has many faces, it can be sour, caramelized, sweet, fruity… The croqueuse borrows the whole panorama of flavors… This new cream offers a soft attack, almost like a cooked apple, balanced by a very crunchy, tart Granny Smith-type texture, a fruity flow in the mouth with freshness and a subtle peppery note.

Subtle balance between sugar and acidity

In the tradition of La Mentheuse and La Pulpeuse, La Croqueuse has character and connoisseurs of digestifs will appreciate the subtle balance between sugar and acidity at only 15 degrees. La Croqueuse wears an almost frosted robe in its 1-liter bottle in red Belle Epoque garb.

The precious touch in your cocktails

The croqueuse should quickly find its place at the end of an aperitif, sipped well chilled on ice. But it will also bring its Granny Smith touch to cocktails, a round acidity that will easily dialog with the other ingredients of the mixology art.

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